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My Neocities Origin Story Part 1: Deep Lore

I first learned the basics of html in a computer class i took in grade 9. to this day, i have not advanced past the basics. arguably, i never even arrived at the basics. i think there are a few factors that contribute to this. For starters, the class was taught in french. Note that this website contains no french language content (yet?)

anyway so all the code for this site so far has either been poached from the neocities tutorial, or from the shitty french website about telephones i made for that class when i was 14. hopefully we will advance past this soon! It remains to be seen.

one of my favourite but also least favourite memories from doing that website project involves a struggle, a helping hand, and, in a cruel twist of fate, a betrayal.

allow me to set the scene: here i am, working on my website. to my right, a boy sits. struggling. (i harbour no ill will towards him he is very funny and unironically not a bad person).

so im working. plugging away, and i sense the struggle. i forget whether i offered, or if he asked, but I ended up emailing the code of my website so that he could change the colours or whatever and change the text to be about his subject, hand it in, and get a passing mark. no big deal, just helping out a fellow student. (i no longer condone academic fraud, but recall this is grade 9, so the project is NOT serious.)

but THEN... that RAT!!!! he sends my code... to ANOTHER PERSON!!! NOT part of the original agreement!!!!!!!!

eventually, my code gets forwarded around a bit more so a significant chunk of the class just has my website, but tweaked to be better.

the assignment deadline rolls around, we submit our websites. we get our marks back... THIS MF GETS 10% HIGHER MARK THAN ME FOR THE SAME GOD DAMN WEBSITE BUT RE-SKINNED!!!! i am FUMING!!!

this injustice PLAGUES my subconscious, a tsunami in the ocean of my subconscious activity ... unnoticed, forgotten even, until the wave of memory CRASHES upon my conscious self.

Anyway so i dont really know that much html, planning on getting better though!