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Musings on the Topic of Furries

furries are very much a mystery to me. i do not understand the appeal of the subculture, and i dont think i ever will; genuinely there are so many elements to it that puzzle me, if i tried to list them all in this text it would be several pages long.

recently, one thing in particular has been troubling me.

why does no one have a monkey fursona??

i have NEVERRR seen a monkey fursona. why? is it that monkeys are too anthropomorphic?? i thought the point of the furry fandom was that they like to anthropomorphize animals!? i feel like i am misunderstanding some integral part of the fandom. OR, alternatively, the fandom just makes so fucking sense??

I HOPE TO GET A REPLY FROM THIS, i know the average furry spends a lot of time online, and a lot of yall are interested in computer stuff, so it stands to reason there could possibly be one reading this now. (if that's you, hi! i am sorry if my tone comes across as mean.)

this question could be rephrased to apply to any number of critters. The main thing that i do not understand is why SO MANY furries are into wolves and other semi-similar animals like cats, foxes, dogs, etc. what is it about that type of animal that attracts such a fandom? I have 2 cats at home and i love them, they're my little buddies. but i do not want to dress up like them. it just seems strange to me. what is the appeal to expressing oneself like this? Whenever furries are represented in the mainstream (or at least like semi-mainstream) its always wolves, cats, dogs, foxes; sometimes hedgehogs and echidnas if theres a sonic / furry fandom crossover event; sometimes horses if its a my little pony crossover; and rarely, there will be a dragon kinnie or a scaly or something.

the creation of animal OCs is not weird to me. i think OCs are cool, yay creativity! there is no law that says people are only allowed to create human characters. yay animal characters! But it is suspicious to me that there is an iconic "furry art style." I don't even feel the need to explain what that is, i feel like everyone just intuitively knows what i mean by that. why does furry art always look like that? is there some sort of manual you lot all consult? Are you all graduates of some metaphysical furry school of design? such an enigma

anyway here is a non-exhaustive list of common animals i have NEVER seen depicted in the classic furry art style as someone's fursona:
  • monkeys
  • primates in general
  • fish
  • chickens
  • birds in general
  • giraffes
  • cows
  • pigs
  • turtles
  • moose
  • squirrels
  • moles
  • rabbits
  • rhinos
  • sheep
  • llamas and alpacas
  • gophers

  • i realize this whole tirade probably comes across as really judgemental... and that assessment is essentially accurate. but my judgement stems from confusion, not malice. Pure, distilled, confusion in its most potent form.

    Also, another thing, the fact that i am writing this at all definitely could warrant criticism. by all accounts it's sort of weird to write such a long piece about a subculture that does not affect me and, in the grand scheme of things, is not a source of harm.

    as stated previously i am unironically interested in hearing furry's perspectives on this. furries email your wisdom to pinky promise i will not doxx, cyberbully, or write any mean replies.