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November 22nd, 2021

9:01am, Anon says:

multi part article is genius the suspense is intense and I feel like I’m reading a weekly column

BIITCHBOIII's RESPONSE: I am very sorry for the 9 month hiatus anon :'(

November 16th, 2021

7:33pm, Anon says:

the real sigma hustler grindset is to not have friends

BIITCHBOIII's RESPONSE: SO TRUE! (also hehehe I assume this is in reference to the recent article)

November 9th, 2021

6:36pm, Anon says:

november 8th anon is a fool, a rube even. maggots may eat your rotting flesh, but the solution is simply to not let your flesh rot while fighting a horde of maggots.

also: did you know there are actually hordes of maggots in the polish mountains? they're called Pleń.

November 9th, 2021

5:44pm, Anon says:

horror story: a mosquito flew out from my desk today


November 8th, 2021

9:26am, Anon says:

re: bugs I had a recent encounter with some maggots and was grossed out but I didn’t necessarily know WHY because I didn’t actually know what a maggot IS. so I googled it and guy is actually just a larval fly.
pros: I am not afraid of flies. I am stronger than a baby. now that I know what this guy is and his MO (I want to eat to be big and strong) I am not afraid.
remaining cons: he will eat my rotting flesh
fix: do not let them on me?

BIITCHBOIII's RESPONSE: Yeah I think you may simply have to repel them with your raw psychic energy

November 6th, 2021

1:07pm, J. Notaspider says:

I enjoyed your article on bugs, however I must contest your opinion on the noble Spider. They enter the fringes of your house and serve to destroy the ignoble House Fly who violates the Ratio far more than any spider, and yet you spit in their face and call them a nuisance.

Warm Regards,
J. Notaspider

BIITCHBOIII's RESPONSE: OOho.. This is VERY thought provoking!!! I can't believe I didn't take into account the role a given bug plays in its ecosystem... I need to re-evaluate.


November 3rd, 2021

6:39pm, Anon says:

"I think the best bug is the dung beetle. Very noble creature! Just doing it's thing. Really, really strong too. So cool..."

BIITCHBOIII's RESPONSE: I think this is an excellent take. They have an extremely favourable ratio, too. Noble!

August 28th, 2021

3:49pm, Anon says:

"Yoo this website is dope!!!! Fuck the ppl who ask questions here tho like why are you asking questions why not just post your thoughts"

BIITCHBOIII's RESPONSE: Heheheh I think I remember this discussion with the person who sent this 👿🤬 (...🎔)

June 26th, 2021

10:50am, Anon says:

"raincoat or umbrella"

BIITCHBOIII's RESPONSE: Raincoat for sure. I don't like the burden of holding things, also I think I look cute in a raincoat.

May 24th, 2021

12:09am, Anon says:

"if your url didn't end in what would you choose for it"

BIITCHBOIII's RESPONSE: I've been mulling this one over for a while and I honestly have no idea. The "" part doesn't really bother me. The "biitchboiii" part is actually worse in my eyes. I've been using biitchboiii as an alias for various things since I was like, 14. It's hard to break away from, even though I don't really love it. I went with it for the website name basically because I didn't feel like coming up with something new, and I continue with it today because it feels too late to do a re-brand.

May 12th, 2021

10:36pm, Anon says:

"if you had to live in a video game world what world would you choose"

BIITCHBOIII's RESPONSE: This was INCREDIBLY difficult to answer but ultimately I've decided I'd like to live as a yellow pikmin in the pikmin world.

April 28th, 2021

9:21pm, Anon says:

"would you have stabbed Caesar or would you have faked sick that day because yeah you want to overthrow him but what if he gets back up and then you get in trouble :/. would you have opposed Octavian or would you try to get in good w the new empire. would you have done nothing because women are oppressed"

BIITCHBOIII's RESPONSE: I would have done nothing, not only because of the lady factor, but also because I DEFINITELY would not have been high enough social status to be involved with politics. I am peasant-pilled through and through.

April 25th, 2021

11:08pm, Anon says:

"lipu sina li lipu pona mute a! sona nasa en ijo musi mute li lon ona. ona li jo e sitelen pona e nimi wawa."


11:58am, Anon says:

"What the hell is this website even about??????"

April 22st, 2021

10:15pm, Anon says:

"anticipation for the article about sleep grows daily"

BIITCHBOIII RESPONSE: pinky swear it's coming soon, my semester just ended so I have no excuse not to pound it out now. Part of me thinks it would be funny to just never do it since i posted the "coming soon" thing on April Fool's Day, but I wouldn't leave the homies hanging like that. Or... would I?

April 20th, 2021

10:20pm, Anon says:

"favourite beetle and favourite beatle?"

BIITCHBOIII's RESPONSE: I'm not up on my beetle taxonomy, but I think the species is "lucanus placidus". A few years ago my brother found an injured one in the wilderness somewhere, and he decided to bring it home and keep it in a glass jar he turned into a makeshift terrarium. As a rule, I am freaked out by bugs but I did sort of grow fond of that one. Similarly, I don't know a whole lot of Beatle lore but I think George is my favourite.

April 19th, 2021

3:11am, Anon says:

"website stupid, bad >:("


April 18th, 2021

1:46pm, Anon says:

"help!! ive contracted biitchboiii mania!!!"

BIITCHBOIII's RESPONSE: Unfortunately there is no known cure

April 17th 2021

1:16am, Anon says:

"@anonymous april 16 11:00am as the op of the original rating post, i am in total agreement with you that the icarly theme song absolutely slaps . full versions of theme songs rarely go as hard as the tv cuts, but icarly is a notable exception. i do also agree that the big bang theory theme is great even though the show itself is evil (although i will admit that as i child i was obsessed)"

April 16th 2021

11:00am, Anon says:

"In MY HUMBLE OPINION, if you listen to the full version of the icarly theme song the revolution really jumps out. “Wake up the members of my nation” is already in the tv cut but THEN there’s the bridge (not in the tv cut, sad, best part of the song but the tone does change):

“so make it right, and see it through, you know you won’t be free until you/ wake up the members of my nation” WHAT. it seems so clear to me here. and then the rest of the song in this context does follow the theory. We have to stand up. We have to make a change. I’m right beside you. Let’s see it through. (Also “I know it’s time to raise the hand that draws the line” gives me revolution vibes. like. we’re not taking this anymore. Also specifically ‘raise the hand’ hmmm)

For this reason TO ME the icarly theme song is incredible/deserves 3rd spot above Big Bang theory. also I just like the tune.

Re: Big Bang theory I AGREE the song is good but unfortunately the association has mostly ruined it for me."

BIITCHBOIII's RESPONSE: Honestly I still don't think iCarly is a good show but hmmmm.... maybe I was a bit too harsh in my rankings. I will CONSIDER promoting the theme song.

April 15th 2021

10:29am, Anon says:

"rank the following tv theme songs:

the whole universe was in a hot dense state then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started WAIT the earth began to cool the autotrophs began to drool neanderthals developed tools we built a wall (we built the pyramids) math science history unraveling the mystery that all started with a big bang (hey!)

i know you see somehow the world will change for me and be so wonderful live life breath air i know somehow we're gonna get there and feel so wonderful and it's all real i'm telling you just how i feel so wake up the members of my nation it's your time to be there's no chance unless you take one and the time to see the brighter side of every situation some things are meant to be so give your best and leave the rest to me (leave it all to me)

there's 104 days of summer vacation and school comes along just to end it so the annual problem of our generation is finding a good way to spend it like maybe building a rocket or fighting a mummy or climbing up the eiffel tower discovering something that doesnt exist (hey) or giving a monkey a shower (bum bum bum bum) surfing tidal waves creating nanobots or locating frankenstein's brain (it's over here!) finding a dodo bird painting a continent or driving our sister insane (phineas) so as you can see there's a whole lotta stuff to do before school starts next fall so stick with us cuz phineas and ferb are gonna do it all so stick with us cuz phineas and ferb are gonna do it all (MOM phineas and ferb are making a title sequence)

are ya ready kids (aye aye captain) i can't hear you (aye aye captain) oh who lives in a pineapple under the sea (spongebob squarepants) absorbent and yellow and porous is he (spongebob squarepants) if nautical nonsense is something you wish (spongebob squarepants) then drop on the deck and flop like a fish (spongebob squarepants) ready (spongebob squarepants spongebob squarepants spongebob squarepants spongebob squarepants)"

BIITCHBOIII's RESPONSE: I think anon wants my feedback on this one, so here it is:

1. Phineas and Ferb theme. Just generally a pretty based show, plenty of bangers in the soundtrack, including the theme song.

2. Spongebob theme. Musically, the theme is OK. I do have a soft spot for Spongebob though, so he gets to be number 2.

3. Third place is a TIE between the remaining two. I think the Big Bang Theory theme song goes hard, but the show is bad. Similarly, I think the iCarly theme goes hard, but I was never a fan of disney/nickelodeon sitcoms as a kid.

April 14th 2021

3:49pm, Anon says:

"PQRST Corp. can issue new 15-year bonds at par that pay a 6.8% annual coupon with a 2.5% floatation cost, and new preferred shares that pay a $5 annual dividend for a 6.5% floatation cost (market price for the firm's preferred shares is currently 16 times the dividend). The firm's 1,000,000 common shares currently pay an annual dividend of $2.65 which has grown at a compound rate of 4% each year. The firm's share price is $60. New issues of the firm's stock would incur floatation costs of 9.5%. The firm's average tax rate is 25%.

Assuming a target capital structure of 40% debt, 20% preferred and 40% common equity, estimate the firm's cost of capital.

Anyone know how to do this question???"

BIITCHBOIII's RESPONSE: I dont know what half of these business terms mean, someone please help out the homie :'(

April 13th, 2021

6:20pm, Anon says:

"I know the author personally and I can confirm. SHE IS A CERTIFIED HOMIE. Thank you."

3:51 pm, Anon says:

"the trudeaus were known for being swingers, as were the castros: around the time justin trudeau was conceived, the trudeaus took a trip around the caribbean, all the islands of which have been identified except ONE. the castros and trudeaus were well-acquainted, and thus it is not a stretch to imagine the trudeaus sneaking off to cuba without wanting to ruffle international feathers. while the evidence may appear to be circumstantial, the likeness between justin and fidel is uncanny, and despite what the media may tell you, it is impossible to rule out the possibility that the prime minister of canada could actually be the illegitimate son of the cuban revolutionary— and how far the apple has fallen from the tree. yet milquetoast neoliberals with radical parents would be nothing new, at least in the states: pete buttigieg's father was renowned for being the first academic to translate the marxist antonio gramsci's work into english, and kamala harris's father was another well-known marxist academic. i digress, however: in a world so obsessed with chasing an objective truth that can never exist, and with the media rushing to "debunk" claims of justin trudeau's parentage, can we not all agree to believe— just for a second— that we could live in a world with some intrigue, some mystery, some glimpse of excitement?"

BIITCHBOIII's RESPONSE: haters will call this a conspiracy but unironically I believe it.

3:47pm, Anon says:

"You are a buy-side equity analyst that follow Protech’s stock. You suspect Protech is an undervalued stock and is likely a takeover target. You believe Protech’s enterprise value should be 23 times its current year free cash flow, so you have gathered the information below for your analysis. You forecast Protech would have $75 million of sales this year and based on historical average estimate its EBIT margin at 20%.You have also noted Protech’s assets were at $200 million last year and expect it to grow by 5% to $210million this year. Based on Protech’s industry and historical performance you also estimate Protech needs to maintain Net Working Capital (NWC) equal to 5% of total asset, make net capital investment equal to 7% of assets and you also estimate Protech’s D&A at 4% of total assets. Protech’s current value of debt is $50million and you have estimated tha tit holds $10 million of excess cash. Protech is subject to marginal tax rate of 25%.

a.What is your estimate of Protech’s free cash flow this year?

b.If Protech had 4.5 million shares outstanding, what would be your fair price per share?

c.The next day you find out through a news release that one of Protech’s customers is suing the firm and you estimated if Protech loses the case it would have to pay damages of $50 in two years. If you believed there is a 50% chance Protech could lose the case and the appropriate discount rate for this cash flow was 10%, what would be your revised estimate of Protech’s fair price per share?

d. Now that you have concluded your fairshare price estimate you are looking to asses Protech’s possible acquisition price. The three most recent acquisitions that were similar to Protech have been executed at 18%, 22% and 20% premium. Using the share price calculated in section c and information about recent acquisition premiums, what would be your estimate of Protech’s fair acquisition price"

3:45pm, Anon says: