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little drawings and stuff mostly done on MS Paint..
i think i might arrange them to be in reverse chronological order, or into collections, or something like that. (Eventually..)


I this is a self portrait I drew last week when I had COVID. I love audience engagement so fill out THIS SURVEY and tell me about YOUR coronavirus experience. (July 2022)


This is my dnd character. I like her, I'm happy with how this drawing turned out. (August 17th, 2021)


Long time biitchboiii associates will know I have been threatening to draw a bacteriophage for YEARS. I first heard about them in grade 11 biology class, and the little mfs simply mesmorized me. Anyway I was going for a sort of transparent, glassy texture on the capsid, hopefully that comes through? It's sort of a departure from the D-tier OCs I usually put in this gallery, but I really enjoyed drawing it and I hope you enjoy looking at it. (May 9th, 2021)


This mf is the drawing featured on the homepage. He has no particular reason to be there, I just thought the aura was right. Anyway, he may look stoic but he is in the midst of handing a CRISIS. Don't even pretend to understand the pressure he is under. You could never. The universe depends on him.


This lady is a blood relative of Snide Man (scroll down a bit for his lore) which should tell you everything you need to know about her as a person. all she do is steal jewels, be smug, and lie.

"devious man"

below is the first thing i drew when i got my laptop, back in.. uhhh.. May 2019? i don't really know what i was thinking. The file name is "devious_man.png" which i think really suits him. at one point i wanted to make a comic with him and another similar character i designed.. i forget the complete plan i had for the plot but it was gonna involve the two of them getting involved with smuggling drugs overseas, AND, i wanted it to end in tragedy. MAYBE i will still pull it off. I have some more drawings (concept art????) that pertain to this but i dont want to publish them yet because they might become spoilers! but maybe not it really depends on my motivation.

snide man

this is the second thing i ever drew on MS paint. He thinks he's so much better than everyone else just because the bottom half of his body is fused with radioactive crystals. ironically, the crystals were NOT spawned from any sort of advantageous superpower, but rather because his smug attitude is so strong, the raw smug energy began to crystallize and consume him. some day in the near future, he will be overcome by the crystals.

The King....

his royal highness......! self declared "world's most benevolent dictator" for 563 years running. Doesn't he have the demeanour of a leader? No one has ever cast doubt upon him (and lived to tell the tale....)

"coin man"

this next piece is called coin man. i came up with him while designing monster high OCs with my friend a few months ago. i thought it was really funny at first but now he fills me with sorrow. can you imagine how tragic such an existence would be? what a truly sordid being.

THIS guy

this sleazy motherfucker was created a few months after "devious_man.png", and was intended to be his partner in crime in the hypothetical story thing i was maybe going to make. i feel like i dont even need to explain what hes like, the look on his face explains itself.

stupid fucking clown

i drew this clown while sitting in the hallways of a school i was doing grade 12 summer term english class. i hated it. i did it because i figured it would be good to get the credit out of the way (it was) BUT i felt like a huge clown the whole time because all my homies were out enjoying their summer vacations and i was writing book reports.

drawings are all MINE copyright BIITCHBOIII 2022!!!! no STEALING!!