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Crypto Pony-ism Part 1

I have recently come to the conclusion that as a child, I was sort of a repressed horse girl. I was mostly disinterested in toys, but of the ones I was enamoured with, a disproportionate amount of them were pony related. I say "repressed" instead of just regular horse girl because, although it may not be apparent from the massive amounts of oversharing I do on this website, I have always been VERY secretive about my interests.

"What were your coveted pony toys?" you may be wondering. I think some of you may already know where this is going; that a certain... franchise... of.. small horses.... may be involved. Well, we'll get to that part soon.

Umm.. Anyway.. My favourite stuffed animal as a child was (is) my Groovy Girls Calypso Callie (TM) horse. According to the lore, I saw her in the window of a local toystore when I was 3, and was VERY eager to have her. So, I got her for Christmas that year. To this day, I keep her on a shelf in my room.

From the ages of about 5 to 8, I was FASCINATED by rocking chairs. Naturally, I was also fascinated by rocking horses. So I asked for one for christmas every year until I finally got one, and I loved it! However. I was a large child. I'm not sure exactly how tall I was at 8, but I was consistently like, a head taller than average height peers. I very quickly reached a point where my legs were too long for the rocking horse. I would still play with it because I cared about it a lot and I didn't want my parents to catch onto the fact that I was too tall to rock on it and feel bad for me, or feel guilty for getting one that was too small, because I truly was very grateful for the horse.

Now to address the elephant in the room. My Little Pony was a very big deal for me. Pretty much my entire childhood, I was a fan of the franchise. Bronies ruined everything for me. THIS is where the "crypto" aspect of the crypto pony-ism comes into play. I went from shamelessly enjoying my ponies, to being ASHAMED by my enjoyment of ponies for reasons beyond my control (bronies).

Right before shit really hit the fan with bronies, I had a little sigma hustler grindset arc wherein I peddled hand drawn pony OCs to my classmates for around $2 each (free if they were my friends, which I suppose does not entirely fall in line with the sigma hustler idea..)

Business was booming. Kids who didn't even care about ponies began to inquire about commissions, and this... is where the trouble truly began.


In the meantime, did any of you have a comparable phase? Let me know in the GUESTBOOK