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My Master Theory as to Why Some Bugs are Scary but Others are Not

Long time biitchboiii affiliates will know I am terrified of bugs, but also sometimes am not. I have had time recently to reflect on this inconsistency, and finally I HAVE THE REASON!

Now, before I continue, I must CLARIFY!!! Some bugs are of course, more visually and behaviourally disturbing than others. This is not what I seek to explain with my theory. Instead, I seek to evaluate why certain bugs, despite being similar to those I consider benign, strike so much fear into my heart.


The answer lies the ratio of how often I see them invading what I consider to be "my territory", and how often I see them in what I consider to be "their territory". Take for example, butterflies and moths. Though they are comparable in appearance, I almost exclusively see butterflies outside, enjoying a garden somewhere (a location where I expect and appreciate the presence of benign insects), and scarcely see them in my house getting all up in my face. On the other hand, most of my moth encounters happen when I am minding my own business inside my home - they catch me when I am vulnerable. Thus, moths are scarier than butterflies.

For bugs where the ratio is close to even, like flies and ants, I am not afraid of them - instead, more... annoyed? Almost apathetic, but I would prefer if they weren't there. Spiders, which skew slightly in favour of "i encounter them more in "my territory", I find somewhat disturbing. Not so terrifying that I cannot deal with the situation on my own, but if someone ELSE were to... I dunno.. offer to deal with the situation for me.. I would not protest! Two bugs that skew strongly towards "invading my territory" are silverfish and centipedes (more on centipides later). I have NEVERRR seen either of these mfs in the wild. Always in MY bathroom. Or MY kitchen. Or on MY pillow. (This only happened once but it was extremely disturbing). I am scared of them. My response when seeing them is to run away, basically; Unless of course I need to demonstrate that I am totally cool and stoic.

Critics may argue:"there is no such thing as *your territory* and *their territory*, bugs have no concept of human property rights, and thus have no idea what *your territory* is", and to that I say: They still scare me and they should read a freaking book about economics or something and also back off.

Part 2: unforgivable bugs

Yes, some bugs are unforgivable. I'm NEVER happy to see cockroaches, centipedes, mosquitoes, maggots, horseflies, or similar creatures. It does not matter where or when I see them. This is because they are physically or behaviourally disturbing (or both!). Cockroaches and maggots are harbingers (and also indicators?) of decay. I struggle to grapple with the concept of decay. Horseflies, mosquitoes, etc. all bite people. I do not take kindly to that. Centipedes are just creepy looking (also, as previously stated, they have a bad ratio).

Part 3: Question for the Audience

What do YOU think of bugs? Do you have any grand theories? What are your favourite, and least favourite specimens? Tell me! The guestbook awaits...